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Mar 28, 2021
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When we first moved to our cabin in the woods there was 1 thing we thought would change everything and the time has FINALLY arrived.
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We've always envisioned moving into the woods by the lake and building our dream tiny cabin as a home base for us to come back to in between our international van life travels. We cannot wait to have a place to call our own!!
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Who are we?
We're Eamon and Bec, a Canadian couple who previously lived and traveled full-time in our self converted Sprinter Van!! When the pandemic hit earlier this year we made the difficult decision to abandon our van in Africa and fly home to Canada. Now we're here... living at a cabin in the Canadian wilderness looking forward to an amazing spring ahead 💐☀️ .

  • Sending my love to you guys during this time. We will all be here waiting when you're ready to come back. Take care of each other.

    eew12eew1259 minutes ago
  • What are yall dealing with? Hope you are doing good

    BryanBryan3 hours ago
  • Hey, where'd you guys go? Miss your shows!

    Beth ZekaBeth Zeka3 hours ago
  • *We {your posse/tribe} WILL - BE - HERE* !! *We WILL be HERE* *WE WILL be HERE* {{Sincerest of condolences to you both, plus of course to 'all' the family, friends, work partners++ that knew the lovely Miss Lee}} Take great time away, from all 'this' social media shenanigans, WE WILL miss you, but is most critical for you to just 'be' at this time rather than have to be 'on' for the content. So very tragic. I am so glad that she knew great love of all kinds in her life incl. with you both.

    a onea one3 hours ago
  • Please accept my sincere condolences your loss has been intense nothing I can say will ease your pain but knowing I care maybe will give you some strength to get through your and our sorrow . RIP Lee may you fly with the angels and be free ❤️❤️❤️🇦🇺🇦🇺❤️❤️❤️stay strong you are loved. 💕💕

    maxine kellymaxine kelly4 hours ago
  • Eamon and Bec, I've been lost for words since I found out about Lee. It was Trent and Allie that said something at the beginning of one of their videos a few weeks ago and I had to look online to see what they were talking about because they just gave a first name. I'm sure by the time you see any of these posts that some time will have passed. I hope you're both ok. I sent an email to Max knowing how he would probably be feeling and being so far away. I hope all of Lee's family and friends are all ok. This kind of situation makes accepting her being gone even harder, I know, I've been there. I'm sure you're both probably near her family for support and comfort for all of you that knew her personally. Please let them know that there are many people that Lee touched and all of them are mourning her. Just a few months back I made a reply to a comment someone had made online, I don't even remember who's video it was, and the comment I made I wrote it down because it really had a deep meaning, and that comment applies to Lee. Strangely I made that comment on February 26. A day that also has meaning to me because it's my Mom's birthday, however she is also gone in 2016, on February 19, a week before her 70th birthday. The comment I made on February 26, 2021 is below: "The measurement of a man's heart can only be calculated by how many heart's he's touched" - Matt Rossey In honour of Lee MacMillan "The measurement of a woman's heart can only be calculated by how many heart's she's touched" - Matt Rossey Rest In Peace Lee, Thank You for touching all of our hearts. Matt

    Matt RosseyMatt Rossey4 hours ago
  • Peace and grace to you both, for the loss of a dearly loved friend. Take the time you well.

    Teresa M WhiteTeresa M White4 hours ago
  • Love 🇲🇦🤭🤭🤭🤭

    قناة الإبداع و البساطةقناة الإبداع و البساطة5 hours ago
  • I miss seeing you guys. I am sure y’all are devastated by the loss of Lee. Take of yourselves.

    Beth DivsalarBeth Divsalar7 hours ago
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      Martha Rendon VasquezMartha Rendon Vasquez7 hours ago
    • How can I contact. Michael Williams..??

      Mike LyonMike Lyon7 hours ago
  • I kept waiting for the new Sunday video today. I came here to the comments and my heart sank. :-( I'm so sorry to hear about Lee. How devastating! Take all the time you need. We'll be here, thinking about you guys. Big hug.

    nurse82nurse828 hours ago
  • Having gone two weeks without new posts, I’m worried about you. Know this is a tough time grieving and coming to terms with Lee’s death. Just wanted to say I’m so sorry for your loss and hope you are taking really good care of yourselves. This is what is most important right now. We will all wait for you, so take whatever time you need during this time. My heart is there for you both. ❤️

    liesjebeverlyliesjebeverly8 hours ago
  • I cannot imagine what you are going through and it breaks my heart and I just wanna say that everyday you guys have been on my mind.♥️ I think it’s hard for us subscribers because there’s nothing that we can do to help you two get through this, but know that we all love you and support you. We understand that coming back may not be easy, nevertheless we will be here with so much love.

    Giorgianna IsabellaGiorgianna Isabella9 hours ago
  • For anyone asking why there are no videos lately? Have an understanding of what has happened recently and try and put 2 and 2 together, if you have a brain in your nut.

    Rodney MarshRodney Marsh9 hours ago
  • I just watched the last video again and I don't understand what happened. Her video was so uplifting and positive. I didn't know Lee and I don't know you all, but the pain I feel is as I knew her. May God bless her soul and may God give Comfort to all that lost her.

    highmountainhighmountain9 hours ago
  • Bless you guys' hearts. My prayers are with you.

    xXVignettaXxxXVignettaXx9 hours ago
  • where are you guys...missing you. Hope all is well.

    Kathy FrazerKathy Frazer10 hours ago
  • Sending you two my condolences during this heart breaking loss. Lee had such a radiant and bright soul. May you heal through this rough time. She will forever be remembered. And please, take your time to heal. Do not rush, we will all understand. Love you guys!

    Maria ChavezMaria Chavez10 hours ago
  • Send both big hugs 😢

    Alison LawAlison Law10 hours ago
  • We just want you to know how much we care and love you. . We have had this loss in our family. Please know you are wonderful and we will be waiting right here when you are ready to come back.

    Carolyn RudeCarolyn Rude12 hours ago
  • I hope y’all are ok

    TallouseTallouse12 hours ago
  • Miss you guys. Two weeks no Eamon and Bec. What's up?

    SBooher1SBooher112 hours ago
  • Condolences...... No words.

    Roger StarkeyRoger Starkey12 hours ago
  • What happened?

    Moo 60Moo 6012 hours ago
  • I don’t see where they are talking about Lee what happen??

    Shelley McLeanShelley McLean13 hours ago
    • Don’t have that

      Shelley McLeanShelley McLean12 hours ago
    • Look on instagram

      Sarah KhojaSarah Khoja12 hours ago
  • What happened to lee ?

    Sara FryeSara Frye13 hours ago
    • She committed suicide. RIP

      Sarah KhojaSarah Khoja12 hours ago
  • Still praying for you all and Lee’s family. My heart breaks for you! 💔She will be sorely missed.

    Kelli CollinsKelli Collins13 hours ago
  • Sending love 💗.

    michelle reneemichelle renee14 hours ago
  • That really brings outside to the table....

    Jane BrommetJane Brommet14 hours ago
  • Hello Eamon and Bec. I just want you to know that you are missed. I’m praying that you will feel comfort during this difficult time.

    Lori SmithLori Smith14 hours ago
  • Bec, and Eamon, I’m so sorry for the tragic loss of someone who you held so tight in your hearts💜 ♥️ . Take the time you need to begin the process of grieving, we will still be here when you’re ready to return. Love, prayers and hugs to you both.

    Julie HowmanJulie Howman14 hours ago
  • Straight up beautiful

    Lorenzo GonzalezLorenzo Gonzalez14 hours ago
  • Yes, give yourself space, joining to support you while you heal.

    Burnell Vassar MDBurnell Vassar MD15 hours ago
  • Praying for love and peace during this difficult time. Treasure the good times you have shared with your friend. She will always be with you in your hearts. I love you guys!

    Kellie FuquaKellie Fuqua15 hours ago
  • I am so very sorry to learn of Lee's passing. Her untimely death is nothing short of tragic, and like many others I was shocked and heartbroken when I heard the devastating news. She was a unique and beautiful soul, and the world is now a little darker without her in it. My heart goes out to you Eamon and Bec, her friends and family, everyone in the van life community, and all her followers on USworlds who loved her. May she rest in peace, and may the next life be her greatest adventure

    I hate avocadosI hate avocados15 hours ago
  • I miss you guys and know you are heartbroken about Lee, but please come back.

    Jill SinkclearJill Sinkclear15 hours ago
  • Besides Trent and Allie, The Matneys, and you guys... Lee is one of the few people who has inspired me to follow my passions in life. To travel the world, to be fearless, and to be myself. Just know that though this time is full of pain that she is no longer suffering from mental illness. Her life and death is full of love, lessons, and inspiration to everyone who sees. Please take some time off to properly grieve and take care of yourselves!!

    molly watersmolly waters15 hours ago
  • 💕

    Lawrence ZammitLawrence Zammit15 hours ago
  • I hope you two are okay. Been thinking of you and how devastating the loss of Lee is. Take the time you need. Your followers understand

    Janet TaylorJanet Taylor15 hours ago
  • I am looking forward to see you when you you're ready. Love you guys ❤️

    ŻanetaŻaneta16 hours ago
  • Dear Eamon and Bec, stay close to each other, take care of yourselves and remember the beautiful times you spent with Lee. Celebrate together the times you had. Lee did so much for others, keep that part of her foremost in your hearts. Keep reaching out and spreading that love that you both offer us each week-when YOU are ready. We send you love now in Lee’s name.

    Lisa CampLisa Camp16 hours ago
  • Oh Eamon and Bec I am so deeply sad about the loss of Lee. My prayers are with you both. Take time to heal...we will all be here to begin to explore again as you feel the spark of inspiration again.

    The Mystic AgentThe Mystic Agent16 hours ago
  • Eamon & Bec, Happy Spring!!! I hope you are all doing well. We are all looking forward to your next episode. Luv you guys!

    Rebecca SwinneyRebecca Swinney16 hours ago
  • I am so sorry for you loss my prayers go out to you and Lee’s family and friends during this difficult time ❤️

    maria botenmaria boten16 hours ago
  • My heart hurts for you both! I enjoyed watching your friendship with Lee. We can only imagine what you're going thru. We will be here on that Sunday when youre ready to share your lives with us again! Have kept you in my prayers and heart! ❤

    Heather HowardHeather Howard16 hours ago
  • your in our thoughts and prayers hug each other, cant imagine how you guys must me feeling, we love you guys, keep strong.

    Sage LillyputSage Lillyput18 hours ago
    • @Pip Baxter What is a "Christ's Sake" anyway"? Is that some kind of Japanese liquor/spirit?

      Urban Critter SocietyUrban Critter Society15 hours ago
    • @Pip Baxter OMG!!!!!!!!!! Are you the actual Pippy "Longstocking" Baxter, I'm so sorry if I offended you!!!!!!! I take it all back, especially the grammar corrections. Sincerely.

      Urban Critter SocietyUrban Critter Society15 hours ago
    • @Pip Baxter Yup I did. Guilty as charged!! (sorry) in true Canadian fashion. No problems here though man. I corrected it because it's looks dumb and disingenuous. Also, it's not even 12pm here and I think someone is either hung over or drunk already......or didn't get past 4th grade schooling.. Just my instinct.

      Urban Critter SocietyUrban Critter Society15 hours ago
    • @Urban Critter Society ..for christ's're correcting the punctuation of someone's condolence message??? what the hell is the matter with you??

      Pip BaxterPip Baxter15 hours ago
    • Iit's "You're" like... "You are" not "Your" a comma after "prayers." & "be" instead of "me"

      Urban Critter SocietyUrban Critter Society17 hours ago
  • 🙏🏽❤️🙏🏽❤️🙏🏽❤️ Love and prayers!

    Raquel KirkRaquel Kirk18 hours ago
  • I can't imagine how you guys are feeling right now. Take all the time you need during this difficult time. My thoughts are with you, Lee and her family. This is such devastating news and you guys had such a close bond and friendship. I found your amazing blog through Lees recomendation. You are all such inspirational people. It breaks my heart to think what she was going through. My thoughts are with you. 🖤

    Nicky SmithNicky Smith19 hours ago
  • I lost my twin brother to suicide. No words or amount of time can make this easier. You both are such amazing, positive, free spirited people! I look forward to every Sunday. Keep your head up know we are here when your ready! See you Sunday!

    Carlee CantrellCarlee Cantrell21 hour ago
  • I am incredibly sorry for the loss of your dear friend. It just seems so unbelievable. All I can do is send both of you a virtual hug

    Lady FaeLady Fae23 hours ago
  • E&B - I am very sad to hear about your dear friend Lee. When I saw you missed last Sunday I feared there was something badly wrong. I hope Lee can now Rest In Peace. So important to call and reach out to friends and not take things for granted. Live is too short. Prayers for you all.

    Rob RoseRob RoseDay ago
    • They did call. She was on their podcast and was incoherent and rambling on about nothing for over an hour. However, she did mention a few times that she had suicidal thoughts and was experiencing depression. Hey though!!! the $15k worth of windows worked out awesome!!!!!

      Urban Critter SocietyUrban Critter Society17 hours ago
  • We all know how strongly and without hesitation Eamon stands up for Bec. A strong vegan man

    Bitcoin Believers Against Dimon & For VegansBitcoin Believers Against Dimon & For VegansDay ago
  • Have to respect Eamon & Bec's grittiness ... I remember seeing when they'd moved to post multiple videos a week. Impressive

    Bitcoin Believers Against Dimon & For VegansBitcoin Believers Against Dimon & For VegansDay ago
  • Love it!!!

    ValmaValmaDay ago
  • Hope you guys are ok. We miss you. Take care of yourselves right now. Praying for you. 🙏🏻❣️❤️🤗💜

    Tracie SewellTracie SewellDay ago
  • Thank you, Bec and Eamon, for introducing me to Lee and her channel and her being. The chemistry between the three of you was pure and wonderful and I was devastated by the news of this loss, I hope you guys take the time to heal that you need. Sending all my love

    emmalilybearemmalilybearDay ago
    • Eamon & Bec had nothing to do with Lee deciding to jump in front of a train while Max was exploring new options.

      Urban Critter SocietyUrban Critter SocietyDay ago
  • Hoping you guys are doing ok. Incredibly sad to hear of Lee’s untimely death. My condolences.

    Christine GreydanusChristine GreydanusDay ago
    • @Curious Nomad That's all you have to say is "I need to go away" That's pretty feeble. Make a valid point why I should and I'll totally concede it to you.

      Urban Critter SocietyUrban Critter Society12 hours ago

      Urban Critter SocietyUrban Critter Society16 hours ago
    • She was deeply troubled and there are farrrr better methods to peacefully end your life. Do you know how dark someone would have to be, knowing what an impact like that would do to your physical body? Like unrecognizable...? I'm Canadian, and I'm like a 20 minute drive to Barrie where she was from. She had issues....period.

      Urban Critter SocietyUrban Critter Society18 hours ago
    • If you can’t be nice, kind, and caring perhaps silent? Lee was a young woman who brought joy. Thanks.

      Christine GreydanusChristine Greydanus19 hours ago
    • @Curious Nomad Why? It's true. Nothing about her death was untimely. All the warning signs were there and no one in her circle prevented it from happening.

      Urban Critter SocietyUrban Critter Society20 hours ago
  • Reality will always find a way in one's live. Be prepared.

    Design StudioDesign StudioDay ago
    • *life not "live." Grammar.

      Urban Critter SocietyUrban Critter SocietyDay ago
  • I had a dream the other night. A finger telling me to come closer and then a message from above. Something about a ring and that she loves you and she is alright now. Love to you both.

    Randall ThriftRandall ThriftDay ago
  • DAVE 2D endlessly bullied Lee and everyone else with his idiot channel. Now he shamelessly is back at "Tony 3D" I refuse to let this asshole off the hook. Spread the word. Lets make him infamous and let the investigators have at him. #speakupforlee

    JakeJakeDay ago
    • Investigate what exactly? For name calling and being insensitive? You just called him an idiot and an asshole. Should he jump in front of a train now too?

      Urban Critter SocietyUrban Critter Society19 hours ago
    • @Jake Dudeeee. He did the exact same thing. Christian is now Nicholas.They responded to him..... He never contacted them directly. Of course words have consequences but in this WORLD WIDE (emphasis added) forum you are on your own free will to read/react to them or not. That's how the story goes until further notice man.

      Urban Critter SocietyUrban Critter SocietyDay ago
    • @Urban Critter Society you cant compare what he did to the matneys to what he did to eamon and bec and max and lee. Words have consequences. Dave wouldnt leave them alone. Thats when he fucked up

      JakeJakeDay ago
    • Dude, he's not complicit. He never contacted her directly. She actually contacted him after his first roast. It's an open forum for all to judge. We are critiqued/assessed everyday at our jobs whether you know it or not. The Matney's are all good and well and he ripped them big time but they seem like they are good.

      Urban Critter SocietyUrban Critter SocietyDay ago

    JakeJakeDay ago
    • Yeah, exactly.... and this dude is responsible for a woman from Barrie ,ON jumping in front of a train in Santa Barbara, CA because he said she dumped Max for Jordan. This world is F-ed up and so are people.

      Urban Critter SocietyUrban Critter SocietyDay ago
  • Os acompaño en el sentimiento, es muy duro y doloroso pero la vida sigue, ella estará siempre en vuestros corazones. Mucho ánimo amigos.

    Cristina GimenoCristina GimenoDay ago
  • I rarely comment on videos but I know you guys in a downpour of love and support. I started watching your cabin build because I'm building but watching your travels have inspired me and honestly have been one of the few things to make me actually want to get out of bed. You must be going through so much pain I had just started watching your morocco trip with lee only days before her passing. I don't really know where I'm going with but I felt like I needed to tell you how much you help me keep going❤️

    nova medinanova medinaDay ago
  • My heart desperately goes out for you guys I know it must be terrible. You guys bring us so much joy. Please take all the time you need to make sure that you two are okay.

    David L ArredondoDavid L ArredondoDay ago
  • I'm so very sorry for your loss 💔😢 😢😢 Lee was such a beautiful soul and a bright light has gone out. She was loved and will be missed by so many. I hope she knew she was loved even though she lost her battle against the beast of depression. 😢 Sending you all my love, be kind to yourselves and rest in this difficult time and know we are thinking of you xxx

    * Veganubienne ** Veganubienne *Day ago
  • I'm a bit slow to the party and only just realised that you had such a close connection with Lee. Such a tragedy for someone so young with so much life and vitality. You guys hug each other be there for each other. I can't imagine the pain you are all in right now. Such a terrible loss. Mourn her with a tear, remember her life with a smile!

    Duncan GoughDuncan GoughDay ago
  • Super job guys that looks spectacular 👍👍👍

    Gary MacGary MacDay ago
  • So sorry to hear about Lee ................................................all the best from the UK ❤❤❤❤

    Terry JoslinTerry JoslinDay ago
  • Haven’t seen any videos for a while.?

    Shirley TownsendShirley TownsendDay ago
  • If I had an extra 10 in I would be laughing to

    Allen HynesAllen Hynes2 days ago
  • Hey guys you guys remind me of Kara and Nate please go watch them I love your videos

    Alex LuketichAlex Luketich2 days ago
  • I am so sorry to hear of Lee’s passing. I know you are shocked and devastated. My husband died by suicide last April. Lee’s words about her battle with depression shined a light for me and helped me understand what my husband was going through. As someone who has recently walked the same road and is still on the grief journey, I send my love and condolences. Big hugs to you both, and to Lee’s family.

    karan Simonikaran Simoni2 days ago
    • Grief is love with no where to go

      Barbara MuzychkaBarbara Muzychka8 hours ago
  • If you see this please perhaps address how misogyny affected Lee's life (trauma etc). The backlash of dismissive comments (mostly from men) is disgusting. Lots of love to you both as you grieve the loss of this beautiful friend.

    Mizshell MxioiMizshell Mxioi2 days ago
  • I am sorry to hear about your friend Lee.

    us2staciabus2staciab2 days ago
  • My deepest, heart-felt sympathies to you both. Sending much love & light at this very difficult time. May you be lifted up by the divine & held in a state-of-grace for the rest of your days forward. ✌️

    ShopgirlShopgirl2 days ago
  • Instead of housing things ..I'd like to see metal illness and a tribute to the beautiful soul I watched for years ..RIP Lee and I'm so sorry

    Misty ZolmanMisty Zolman2 days ago
  • I know you guys are going through a horrible time right now. Please do not be too hard on your selves and know that we all love you. There are some things that we can not change, and bearing the load for this is more than we can handle. You have each other and you both are very kind with big hearts. Take time to sorrow and heal but remember this will pass. I am sad that this has happened, some things can only be fixed by our creator for we did not make our selves. Call on him and he will never forsake you. He is a friend who sticketh closer than a brother.

    Tom CourtneyTom Courtney2 days ago
  • I just wanted to say I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend Lee 🙏❤. Please take all the time y'all need to mourn and heal. Your USworlds family loves you and will be here in thought and prayers until your return. ❤

    Bethany BraswellBethany Braswell2 days ago
  • You guys have been on my mind since the news of Lee. We are all here for you two. Just wanted to stop by and say this. RIP Lee she was an awesome lady!

    Maria DiPoceMaria DiPoce2 days ago
  • My names Eamon

    Eamon McManusEamon McManus3 days ago
  • I am just thinking how much more heat do you need cos of that window wall? Compering Finland the wall insulation there is very thin.

    Pentti HirvonenPentti Hirvonen3 days ago
  • I am so heart broken, Lee was such a beautiful person. My hearts and prayers to her loved ones. Eamon and Bec stay strong.

    Jacquie AmayraniJacquie Amayrani3 days ago
  • Take all the time you need during this difficult time, we will be here for you when you are ready. See you someday, sunday.

    Julia JLJulia JL3 days ago
    • well said 🖤

      Mel _StreetzMel _Streetz17 hours ago
  • Please watch Chanaling Erick. Lee is there

    Galina LaneGalina Lane3 days ago
  • Guys. I am so sorry for your lost. Send her to the light. 💫💫. Help her get there. She is protecting you both or 3 🦮 now. Don’t abandon us thou. ❤️🙏🥑

    Isabel FaristIsabel Farist3 days ago
  • So sorry that you lost a beautiful friend.Please take the time you need for you both to recover .You need this time.Remember that sometimes trying to explain loss is so difficult when you are lost in this grief.

    JuliaAnn longJuliaAnn long3 days ago
  • Praying for comfort for this terrible loss.

    Jacquita BeddoJacquita Beddo3 days ago
  • I'm so sorry for the loss of your friend.

    Jessie RoseJessie Rose3 days ago
  • You have been in my thoughts endlessly since I heard about Lee. 💔

    Mary TurnerMary Turner3 days ago

    Patrick GilbertPatrick Gilbert3 days ago
  • Where are you guys its been for ever since you posted

    Elisa RicoElisa Rico3 days ago
    • They are dealing with the loss of lee who was a very close friend so they are probably just needing some time to grieve and take some time away from social media.

      matthew woodmatthew wood3 days ago
  • I love you guys. Sending you lots of hugs and love during this difficult time 💖

    Happy GardenerHappy Gardener3 days ago
  • Selling a medium of the On the Road crew in the sage color! Bought and is too small on me and returns aren’t accepted. Message me if interested!

    Sabrina BeresSabrina Beres3 days ago
  • Im here because I'm missing a video from yall........ but I understand yall are processing some serious situation and I'm sad for yall...... I will pray for yall and for Lee's family and esp her furbabie ........ God bless yall

    Desiree WyattDesiree Wyatt3 days ago
  • Thinking about you two today and hoping you are doing ok

    pennylane36pennylane363 days ago
  • ❤️🌹

    Mello LevMello Lev3 days ago
  • Hey Eamon and Bec I don't do instagram so this is the only way I can contact you. I only heard after seeing and commenting on this vlog about Lee. I am just so very sorry for your loss of your dear friend and can truly empathise with how you must be feeling right now. it is such a tragedy that a beautiful girl inside and out can feel that desperate to go to that length. it is always really hard for the friends and family left behind who are left with the grief of that loss. My heart goes out to you, her family and other friends. It has affected a lot of people and of course not as much as those closest to her. I am thinking of you at this time, much love Alison

    Alison HampshireAlison Hampshire3 days ago
    • Beautiful words; thinking of you guys

      Nomad eNomad e3 days ago
  • Reading the comments and outpouring of love and support to Eamon and Bec over the loss of precious Lee is helping me to process my own grief over her death. I am grateful that so many have come to this vlog to share comments and support each other.

    C JC J3 days ago
    • Agreed. . . I held of for 'a long' time but decided today to come & view the outpouring of support. I followed Lee and Max since 2017 I think and I am 'so' concerned for all her family, her 'people' from all so many walks of life and of course her peeps Bec and Eamon. I think many will come here as many of us do not 'do Instagram.

      a onea one3 hours ago
  • E&B PLEASE READ: I'm sure the big question everyone is asking about Lee's suicide is WHY? I may be able to offer a suggestion that will help make some sense of what happened, and perhaps lessen the guilt everyone close to her must be feeling. First, though, I want to say how strongly my heart goes out to the two of you as people so close to Lee -- and also to her family and new love, as well as to Max; everyone who treasured her so much. I can well imagine the horror and disbelief you all are feeling. I only know Lee through what she chose to share on social media, yet I, too, feel deeply affected by her suicide. All love to you and to her family and all who cared for her so deeply. Now to the "why." I have followed Max and Lee for a while, and seen her on your channel, but the reason I am writing you now is because yesterday I listened to the podcast she did with you on Reroot. The clues about her mental health in that podcast were huge, and that coupled with the video she did on her depression lead me to suggest that Lee was suffering from bipolar disorder -- which used to be known as manic-depression. I lived with someone with bipolar disorder for many years, and have studied it a lot as a result, and all the signs were there with Lee. Before I go into what clues I heard in the podcast, I will tell you that the suicide rate (attempted or successful) for individuals suffering from bipolar disorder is 95%. I will explain why I believe this is true from my own experience (more than one) with bipolar individuals. First, though, what I heard. In the podcast: Lee exhibited classic manic speech patterns -- i.e. "verbal diarrhea." She talked so fast and so nonstop -- and so intelligently and coherently -- that it was almost exhausting. Every time Eamon would try to speak, she interrupted him. She clearly could not wait for him to finish speaking...she was compelled to speak. Her voice at times in her videos and the podcast sounds almost hoarse from speaking so much, so quickly. Notable also was Eamon's story about the first time Lee visited at ChaiWalla: he was put off by her because of her verbal diarrhea and inability to allow anyone else to speak. She also is incredibly charismatic and high energy. All of that is suggestive of manic behavior. She also states that when she took the Myers-Briggs test she came off as 95% extrovert. Bipolar individuals almost always are labeled extreme extroverts. They often are extremely intelligent as well. And charismatic. Then there are her episodes of deep, deep depression, and her refusal to get help or take anti-depressants until her sister insisted. Characteristically there is a rejection of being medicated, and this is why many bipolar individuals end up as suicides. You may wonder why her therapist did not diagnose her as bipolar; I would suggest that she simply did not have enough information. If she only saw Lee in a deep depressive phase, she would not have known about the manic episodes. Typically, people who are bipolar are put on Lithium or a similar drug to even out their brain chemistry, because this is very much a brain chemical imbalance. It's not something one can control with talk therapy or sheer willpower or a change in life circumstances. However, in the manic phase, people feel absolutely "cured" and frequently go off Lithium...and then when the next crash happens the feelings of despair and self-loathing are almost unbearable. In many cases, especially in highly intelligent individuals, the pain is too great to handle. Women have an especially difficult time with bipolar disorder because they often feel they should be able to "fix" themselves, and often have started out with many more self-doubts and confusion about "who they are" and where their lives are going than men do. There were other clues in how Lee talked about her relationship with Max, etc -- too many to go into here. Also, the screaming matches with her family, etc. Bottom line, as an educated observer, my suspicion is that Lee was in an "upswing" mode when she moved to CA and got involved with her new love, took on the van project, went into debt, etc. -- lots of huge changes and classic for the manic or upswing phase -- and then when pressures mounted she suddenly felt herself dropping into a depressive state AGAIN and just could not handle it. She clearly was extremely fragile, and the fact that she left home with no ID, cell phone, money, etc shows an almost panicked reaction to what she no doubt felt was a return to a state of being totally unable to cope with her (new) life, despite all the wonderful things in it. There is much more I could say here, but this is long enough. I want to end by saying that in cases like this, if in fact Lee suffered from bipolar disorder, there is almost nothing anyone could have done to prevent her death. Even checking in with her daily -- even if you knew what to look for -- likely would not have helped. The only thing that WOULD have helped was a proper diagnosis, proper medication, and constant monitoring by whomever she was living with. NO ONE IS TO BLAME for Lee's death, really not even Lee. I hope this post can help alleviate any of the guilt Lee's loved ones are surely feeling, and perhaps try to answer what can feel like the unanswerable questions that follow the suicide of a loved one. If it would help you (Eamon and Becca) to talk more about this and hear more about bipolar disorder and the connections I made listening to Lee's videos and podcast, you are welcome to reach out to me by responding here with how I can contact you. For obvious reasons, I won't list my contact info here, other than to say that I am in Nova Scotia. If you feel that it's appropriate, feel free to share this post with Lee's family, etc. I offer this post with all love and deep concern for your sorrow. Lee's death will affect many thousands of people in the van community and elsewhere for a long time to come. Please take the best care of yourselves.

    Joanne WolfeJoanne Wolfe3 days ago
    • I actually find this helpful and comforting; it’s an opinion, and does show, true or not won’t be known, that more comfort for anyone close to Lee might be currently feeling has a bit more reason, and maybe, can provide some confort (or possible reason) for those who feel Lee’s loss by seeing her and feeling they knew (part of) her via you tube; from me, thank you for having the courage to share; it’s helped for me to process somewhat :-) sending love at such a sad time, especially to those that knew her & I hope Lee is in a place of peace that she didn’t maybe didn’t find before; those that knew her, perhaps you all gave Lee longer on this earth that she would have had had she not known you all; just my feeling & opinions guys. I feel her friends love, like Eamon and especially her amazinf friend Bec, feel your happiness and energy was such a beautiful gift to Lee during her journey here with you. Love to Eamon & Bec 🌸

      Nomad eNomad e2 days ago
    • @Joanne Wolfe I did listen to the whole podcast but I suspect you're taking it out of context.

      Curious NomadCurious Nomad3 days ago
    • @Curious Nomad you obviously didn't listen to the whole podcast yourself. Lee herself called it verbal diarrhea. She and Bec laughed about it. Lee was thinking of naming her podcast that.

      Joanne WolfeJoanne Wolfe3 days ago
    • Stop it. She didn't have any disorders. The podcast was an interview of her. It was her chance to speak, they were giving her voice and if you listened to the whole thing she was actually able to help Eamon and Bec in their relationship. It wasn't her fault. This insult of "verbal diarrhea" is disgusting in its every manner. She was perfectly normal. She was painted into a corner and needed a way out. There's no reason why anyone close to her should feel guilty, however, the professionals failed her by accusing her of having "mental illness" because they didn't want to take the time to actually listen to her when she said it all in her podcast. She didn't. She was from a small town, experiencing guilt, regret and indecision and needed an intelligent (understanding), older (not parent age), experienced, COMPASSIONATE adult to give her permission to do what she wanted to do. She was bullied incessantly online after bearing her soul who grinded salt into her wounds and she saw no way out when only someone needed to give her a ladder. I wish I had listened to the podcast when it came out. It's not her fault so stop blaming her. It's not the fault of her family, friends or partners either. There's one serious thing society is lacking these days and that is compassion and I blame the psychological/psychiatric profession for this. Capitalism and legal nonsense has taken precedence over people's lives and happiness and it's time to end it and overhaul the system. The giant elephant in the room of stupidity needs to end. Just a note to all those who are suffering. It is not your fault. Our system is broken. Talk and don't stop talking even if it seems no one understands you, there is someone out there who will.

      Curious NomadCurious Nomad3 days ago
  • Man it’s coming together! Love it! Congratulations 😌

    Rachel JonesRachel Jones4 days ago